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Fisher Maritime routinely deals with questions of the potential of exposure of shipboard and shipyard employees to asbestos, including those who served in the Navy, Coast Guard, Army, and Merchant Marine. A result of this research is that we have released several publications that address the use of asbestos in shipbuilding.

The synopses of some sample assignments have been included below to better familiarize oneself with the asbestos-related services we have provided.


A shipyard was facing several asbestos-related lawsuits from subcontractor personnel. Fisher Maritime was commissioned by the shipyard to analyze the historical factors that led to the use of asbestos as a construction material in the maritime industry and to identify the extent of the shipyard's role in deciding to use asbestos in the ships.

Fisher Maritime conducted extensive historic research from government and other archives on asbestos, going back to the 1930s. We then analyzed the historic data and reported on the key events, legislation, and regulations that resulted in the use of asbestos as a building material in the maritime industry. This research, analysis, and reporting was instrumental in assisting the shipyard's counsel to develop its litigation strategy.


A particular form of asbestos litigation that Fisher Maritime often provides expert witness services for pertains to occupational exposures. In particular, these asbestos cases typically seek to identify the magnitude of the plaintiff's naval, shipyard and other maritime experiences play a role in his or her asbestos exposure.

Fisher Maritime provides insight as to the extent of these particular sources of asbestos exposure by reviewing a plaintiff's specific exposures and compares them to the contemporary standards and practices that existed.


Additional sample cases underscoring Fisher Maritime's experience are presented in the link below.

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