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  • “Extremely valuable course that highlights commonly encountered contract problems. It is reassuring to find others in similar situations and discuss possible solutions that have been used to remedy the problem.”

    — I.F., UK Shipyard Assistant General Manager

  • “I thought the program was excellent! I see great potential for improving the financial results on my next project.”

    — P.F., Project Manager, US Naval Shipyard

  • “In 20 years of working in the maritime business, I have never attended a seminar where I knew most everything but did not ever have it brought together in such a way that it was inspirational.”

    — R.W., Assistant General Manager, Ship Repair Yard

  • “As a new manager at the yard, the course was extremely beneficial to my understanding of contracts and their impact on every phase of shipyard operations.”

    — T.M., Project Manager, Major US Shipyard

  • “Excellent seminar! ...Ken Fisher is extremely knowledgeable of shipbuilding and ship repair industry.”

    — O.K., Vice-President, Gulf Coast Ship Repair Yard

  • “Open discussion and examples reinforce prior knowledge and lends motivation to use it. I have used these insights to great benefit in the few weeks since taking the course.”

    — Contract manager, Gulf Coast Shipyard

  • “Send your key production people also. It helps to get them on the team so more people outside of management understand the consequences of what they tell our customers.”

    — O.C., Production Manager, Major US Shipyard

  • “This training opens up your views of the impact of changes on other departments within your organization. Now I will evaluate changes in scope with a broader perspective.”

    — O.K., Assistant Project Manager, US Naval Shipyard

  • “Dr. Fisher gave me new ideas to negotiate change orders. Excellent training. It gave me a lot of new ideas to work with.”

    — G.L., Program Manager, US Naval Shipyard

  • “I have learned new ideas and will blend them into my everyday tasks and way of doing things.”

    — G.W., Project Manager, Canadian Shipyard

  • “This program hit the nail right on the head. I enjoyed this course very much as the type-desk fund manager. This course will increase each fund manager's ability to negotiate with our customers with greater credibility.”

    — H.M., Fund Manager, US Naval Shipyard

  • “Excellent info and lots of good examples of how things can go wrong when documents are ignored. All new estimators should have this course, too.”

    — I.D., Assistant General Manager, Canadian Shipyard

  • “All estimators should have this course. Lots of excellent info on dealing with ship owners and how to look at the contract from different perspectives.”

    — I.D., Project Manager, Canadian Shipyard

  • “This knowledge is a must for all contract administrators.”

    — M.C., Assistant General Manager, Newbuilding Shipyard

  • “Take the course. It's well worth the time.”

    — R.C., Assistant Project Manager, US Naval Shipyard

  • “The general response of our 22 employees attending was very favorable to the overall program.”

    — R.G, Assistant General Manager, Major US Shipyard

  • “This course opens the window of understanding onto the customer's points of view.”

    — R.H., Repair Manager, US Shipyard

  • “Gives new insight into negotiating. The course has paid for itself many times over on the first contract after having the course.”

    — Vice President, Canadian Shipyard


Shipyard Management of the Customer & Contract Course

This course is a lessons-learned, custom-designed program for shipyard personnel and subcontractors to shipyards. The topics of discussion have been selected from common sources of shipyard errors, disagreements or disputes analyzed in numerous prior contracts. The lessons learned by others through their mistakes are used to create positive, problem-avoidance practices for shipyard personnel. The result for the shipyard is an enhanced ability to identify costs which are the Owner's responsibility and sell them to the Owner instead of absorbing those costs.

Do your job responsibilities fall into any of the following categories? If so, our Shipyard Management course may be right for you.

  • Shipyard & Subcontractor Project Managers
  • Shipyard & Subcontractor Production Personnel & Foremen
  • Shipyard & Subcontractor Estimators & Planners
  • Shipyard & Subcontractor Engineering Managers
  • Shipyard & Subcontractor Superintendents


Dr. Kenneth Fisher is recognized worldwide as the leading authority on the development and management of complex contracts and specifications for ship construction, conversion, repair, and design. He is the author of the 2004 RINA publication, Shipbuilding Specifications: Best Practices Guidelines, and of the 2003 SNAME publication, Shipbuilding Contracts and Specifications.

Dr. Fisher draws on his wide experience as an arbitrator, expert witness and mediator to analyze the causes of errors and disputes that have befallen shipyards. He and his colleagues at Fisher Maritime Consulting Group are the recognized experts on practical and commercial aspects of contract management for ship construction, conversion, and repair. Our programs on shipyard contract management have been presented by Dr. Fisher over 250 times to more than 3500 persons from 24 countries and over 350 organizations. The continuing demand for these programs is a testament to their usefulness and accuracy.


Due to its customized nature, the Shipyard Management course is only offered as an in-house training program. To start setting up an In-House Shipyard Management Course tailored to suit the needs of your company, see our Schedule An In-House Course page.

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