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Reference Publications Set

Fisher Maritime now offers a collection of reference publications authored by Fisher Maritime which have been assembled to assist individuals and companies involved in ship construction, conversion, and design. Each of the eleven documents is PDF formatted and combined into a single ZIP file for downloading ease. Included in the collection is:

  • Mechanisms for Shipyard Project Management
  • Shipbuilding Specifications: Best Practice Guidelines
  • Shipbuilding Contracts and Specifications
  • An Owner's Management of Ship Construction Contracts
  • Responsibilities Pertaining to Drawing Approvals During Ship Construction and Modification
  • Why Excuses to Ignore the Contract Do Not Float Upright
  • The Mis-Managment of Ship Construction, Repair and Design
  • Notes on Ship Repair and Conversion Management
  • Management of Shipyard Projects: Insights and Lessons Learned
  • Liability Avoidance in Ship Design and Construction
  • Seven Signs of a Troubled Project
  • The Impact of Contracts on Ship Design Preparation
  • Back Issues of Upright & Afloat

To obtain a copy of the Reference Publications Set, fill out the form below. A link will then be emailed to you containing instructions on how to access the ZIP file.

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