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Shipyard Projects: Planning and Management

Insights, Lessons and Guidance

Finally – a first for the maritime industry:
An all-in-one, practical, portable and easy-to-use manual designed specifically for the unique challenges of this industry. Created by maritime expert, project manager, naval architect and marine engineer Ken Fisher – recognized worldwide – this manual is based on critical insights generated from 40-plus years of hands-on work and analyses. It provides critical time- and money-saving solutions to challenges that adversely impact nearly every shipyard project. This invaluable information was derived through lessons learned from a multitude of shipyard projects involving disputes and misunderstandings.

The presence of a ship or new construction at a shipyard each creates the potential for costly, schedule-impacting blunders. Often those adverse outcomes could be avoided by improved project planning and management. Marine industry professionals can choose to learn these lessons at great expense to their employer - or benefit from the past experiences of others, as described in this manual. By absorbing the information in this book, professionals can easily save their organization tens of thousands of dollars on each new project – if not much, much more.

Author Dr. Kenneth Fisher is highly regarded for his three-day training course, “Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair and Design,” which has been presented several hundred times worldwide. This manual gives readers who have not attended the course a thorough understanding of many key factors that must be addressed and monitored from project conception to completion. For those who have attended the course, this essential manual expands on examples and lessons learned there.

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This manual provides hundreds of lessons learned at great expense to others. Readers will learn of many potential obstacles to a successful shipyard project, plus insights to eliminate such impacts. Based on hundreds of shipyard projects and more than a thousand interviews involving adverse impacts, this 140-page manual covers a range – from complete technical failure of three ships (with loss of several hundred million dollars) to project delays due to late owner-furnished equipment (with loss of a critical charter and subsequent bankruptcy).

Many lesser impacts of project mismanagement also are described and analyzed. Some key observations, supported by dozens of project descriptions, include:

  • Optimism is not a substitute for research and planning.
  • Mismanagement of any one topic, no matter how small, can destroy the project’s economic benefits for either or both the ship owner and contractor.
  • Remember the purpose of a contract.
  • Project success is dependent on having appropriate staff.
  • Excellent designs get compromised by insufficient contracting strategies.
  • A test is a test – something might go wrong.
  • Hope and prayer are never an adequate substitute for thorough engineering analyses.
  • Nearly every shipyard project today is essentially an undertaking of cables and the equipment to which they are attached.


This compendium of proven marine knowledge will benefit:

  • Ship owners
  • Designers
  • Shipyards
  • Major vendors
  • Government agencies
  • Major subcontractors
  • Consultancies
  • Classification
  • Contract preparers
  • Risk insurers

Additionally, this unique book provides enormous value for every:

  • Project manager
  • Project planner
  • Superintendent
  • Maintenance supervisor
  • Owner’s representative
  • Port engineer
  • Ship supervisor
  • Specification writer
  • Naval Architect
  • Inspector
  • Marine Engineer
  • Estimator


Shipyard Projects: Planning and Management provides access – at your fingertips – to hard-won wisdom collected through thousands of experiences and expert analyses that, together, enable you to avoid pitfalls, unnecessary expenditures and costly waste of time. The knowledge gained from lessons learned will prove invaluable in your maritime work. This 140-page hardcover manual’s compact 6” by 9” (15 x 23 cm) size was designed specifically for your convenience – to keep on hand for learning, quick reference or review anywhere: on the road, on site, at lunch – wherever you happen to be, providing insights to save considerable time and money in hundreds of situations your project may well encounter.

All marine industry professionals will benefit from having their own personal copy of this manual to consult as needed. It is not intended to be read all at once. Because it expands on training courses or partially replaces them, organizations would be wise to order multiple copies for all their staff involved in shipyard project planning and its subsequent management. Funds for purchasing are justified from the training budget.

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