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Bid Preparation

Typically, small businesses lack the resources or experience needed to successfully analyze the myriad requirements associated with submitting bids for large projects. The same can be said for the process of creating bids that fulfill these requirements. This especially true when the solicitor is a government agency, educational institution, or another sophisticated organization.

Many of the principles that apply to our other consulting services have applications in the creation of complete and responsive bid packages for our clients. In many instances, our bid preparation services also include a 'translation' of the solicitation's requirements into manageable items that enable the bidder to easily track and address.

Sample Case


A US federal government agency was soliciting bids for the replacement of the machinery control systems aboard a class of vessels. A small electrical services company unfamiliar with the agency's solicitation process was interested in submitting a bid to complete the work but was put off by the complicated process and amount of documentation required.

Not wanting the opportunity to pass, the company contacted Fisher Maritime to assist in preparing the bid. Fisher Maritime was able to break down the bid requirements into workable units that the company's personnel could tackle. Fisher Maritime also met with company personnel on numerous occasions to expedite the data collection portion of the process. As a result of these efforts, it was also realized that certain company policies and procedures needed to be updated to be compliant with the solicitation's requirements. Fisher Maritime was instrumental in drafting these updates.

The company was awarded the contract with a minimum of follow-up questions about the contents of the bid, the majority of which were of a technical nature.


Additional sample cases underscoring Fisher Maritime's experience are presented in the link below.

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